A healthy financial administration

You are looking for a good accountant. One that keeps your financial administration healthy. One who goes through the annual accounts and the annual report with you, and explains in understandable language where opportunities and threats arise. One who discusses with you how a loss can be converted into a profit. One who calculates how much tax you have to pay, or how much credit you have left. One who can advise you if you want to invest or sell. I mean, how many moments are there, when you as an entrepreneur have to make a decision that you would like to hold against an expert for a moment? You are welcome with us, we will take time for you.

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  • Business in Control is a welcome support for our financial management and advice for Fundashon Encelia and therefore the right partner for us.

    Fundashon Encelia, crisisopvang voor kinderen
  • That past 10 years have gone fast. Masha Pabien! After working with you for a few years now, I can say that I am very happy with your work and service. As an entrepreneur, you are in control, you always try to offer help and you have your documentation in order. I always have found administration a puzzle and because you help me with this I can quietly do my own work. Thanks again for everything and good luck for the next decade.

    Tjarda, Real Estate Caribe
  • Business in control has been doing my administration, declarations and annual accounts to full satisfaction for years. For me Felicia van Loon is an expert, communicative and level-headed professional who is always willing to think along, advise and explain accounting matters that I do not always understand.

    Maya Mathias, director of Smart Works
  • Business in Control is a small but great company. I have always had close contact with the director / owner Felicia van Loon. Annual figures were always earlier than expected, nothing is too much for her. With great pleasure I have always worked with Felicia. I therefore congratulate her on her 10th anniversary and hope that the next 10 years will be even more successful.

    Jan-Peter Klijn
  • What I would like to say is that a, for me, totally incomprehensible and uninteresting thing as administration becomes largely understandable due to the personal touch of Business in Control, and indirectly it gives me more fun to be an entrepreneur.

    Manuela Hak, owner of Malpertuus
  • Business in Control offers a personal touch. Business in Control is reliable. Business in Control is hands on.

    Sharnon Isenia